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Automatic garage locking system providing enhanced security for you, your family and your home.

Garages can often be the entry point for intruders as they not only contain high value and portable items such as cars and bikes, but also can often provide internal and discrete access to your home. The Secura-Lock SD offers you security and peace of mind

Key Features 

  • Engineered with the latest electronic technology to offer optimum protection
  • High quality, slim and aesthetic design
  • Effortless installation, compatible with the SD800 and SD1200 Steel-Line Sectional Door motor range
  • Simple disengagement in the event of a power failure
  • Plug and Play. No programming required
  • Set and forget. No regular charging or need for batteries
  • Hard-wired so no interference commonly experienced with other locks on the market
  • Retrofit to your existing motor. Can be retrofitted to existing SD800 and SD1200 motors (upgraded replacement logic board required).

How It Works

The Secura-Lock SD has been designed using advanced technology and will automatically engage when you close your door using your remote control.

The locking pin extends when the door reaches the closed position, providing you additional security and protection.

When opening, the locking pin will automatically retract, disengaging the Secura-Lock SD and allowing the door to raise to position.

Make your garage the safest place

to store your valuable belongings.

Enhanced security for you,

your family and your home.